Fresno State Tablet Program

On January 13, 2014, President Joseph I. Castro formally launched Fresno State’s Tablet Program. A cohort of approximately 40 faculty members from across the University has agreed to redesign at least one Fall 2014 course to leverage tablets. The goal of the Tablet Program is to facilitate student success both in content mastery and technology skill set building. In Spring 2014, the Tablet Program was named DISCOVERe.

Faculty Training & Support

The Technology Innovations for Learning & Teaching (TILT) team is the primary facilitator of faculty support and training for DISCOVERe. TILT partners with the Apple Development Team, existing faculty experts, Technology Services, and the Henry Madden Library to provide training and on-going support for DISCOVERe faculty. The goal of this support is to help faculty realize their vision for their transformed courses using tablets.

Summer Tablet Program Institute

During June of 2014, Faculty Fellows participated in a one-week intensive institute. The goals for faculty during the Summer Institute included:

  • Using tablets in an actual classroom environment.
  • Developing expertise using the apps they will actually use in the classroom.
  • Continuing the course redesign process for Fall 2014 implementation.

The Support Team

As with other course redesign efforts at Fresno State, faculty will have access to many resources to support their redesign. These resources include:

  • Instructional Designers
  • Technical Support from TILT and Technology Services
  • Multimedia Creation (including captioning of video content)
  • Faculty Experts
  • External resources as needed.
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